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Summary of Key Risk Factors

Capitalised terms herein not defined in this document have the meaning ascribed to them in the latest visa stamped version of the prospectus of ECRED Feeder SICAV.

We have classified this product as 3 out of 7, which is a medium low risk class. This rates the potential losses from future performance at a medium low level, and poor market conditions could impact our capacity to pay you.

There is no specific recommended holding period for the product. The actual risk can vary significantly and you may get back less. You may not be able to sell your Shares in ECRED Feeder SICAV easily or you may have to sell them at a price that significantly impacts on how much you get back. The summary risk indicator is a guide to the level of risk of this product compared to other products. It shows how likely it is that the product will lose money because of movements in the markets or because we are not able to pay you.

The attention of potential investors is drawn to the risks to which any investor is exposed by investing in ECRED. Potential investors should pay particular attention to the risks described in the dedicated section of ECRED Prospectus / Offering Memorandum. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of ECRED Feeder SICAV and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. Potential investors should not construe the contents of this Prospectus as legal, tax, investment or accounting advice.

The following is a summary description of the principal risks of investing in ECRED Feeder SICAV The order of the below risk factors does not indicate the significance of any particular risk factor. The comprehensive list of risks to which ECRED Feeder SICAV is subject to is available in the Prospectus.

For the purpose of the below, references to “ECRED” are references to ECRED Feeder SICAV and its sub-funds, ECRED Master FCP, the ECRED Aggregator and the Parallel Entities (if any) (each as defined in the Prospectus).

Risk of Capital Loss and No Assurance of Investment Return. ECRED offers no capital protection guarantee. This investment involves a significant risk of capital loss and should only be made if an investor can afford the loss of its entire investment. There are no guarantees or assurances regarding the achievement of investment objectives or performance. There may be little or no near-term cash flow available to the Shareholders from ECRED Feeder SICAV, and there can be no assurance that ECRED Feeder SICAV will make any distribution to the Shareholders. This product does not include any protection from future market performance so you could lose some or all of your investment. If we are not able to pay you what is owed, you could lose some or all of your investment. A fund’s performance may be volatile. An investment should only be considered by sophisticated investors who can afford to lose all or a substantial amount of their investment. A fund’s fees and expenses may offset or exceed its profits. In considering any investment performance information contained in the document and related materials (“the Materials”), recipients should bear in mind that past performance does not predict future returns. Investors should draw no conclusions from the performance of any other investments of Blackstone Credit & Insurance or Blackstone and should not expect to achieve similar results.

Lack of Liquidity. There is no current public trading market for the Shares, and the Sponsor does not expect that such a market will ever develop. Therefore, redemption of Shares by ECRED Feeder SICAV will likely be the only way for you to dispose of your Shares. ECRED Feeder SICAV expects to redeem Shares at a price equal to the applicable NAV as of the Redemption Date and not based on the price at which you initially purchased your Shares. Subject to limited exceptions, Shares redeemed within one year of the date of issuance will be redeemed at 98% of the applicable NAV as of the Redemption Date. As a result, you may receive less than the price you paid for your Shares when you sell them to ECRED Feeder SICAV pursuant to ECRED Feeder SICAV’s redemption program.

The aggregate NAV of total redemptions (on an aggregate basis (without duplication) across ECRED, but excluding any Early Redemption Deduction applicable to the redeemed Shares) is generally limited to 2% of aggregate NAV per calendar month of all Parallel Entities and the ECRED Aggregator (measured using the aggregate NAV as of the end of the immediately preceding month) and 5% of such aggregate NAV per calendar quarter (measured using the average of such aggregate NAV as of the end of the immediately preceding three months), except in the event of exceptional circumstances described below.

In exceptional circumstances and not on a systematic basis, ECRED Feeder SICAV may make exceptions to, modify or suspend, in whole or in part, the redemption program if in the Investment Manager’s reasonable judgment it deems such action to be in ECRED’s best interest and the best interest of ECRED’s investors, such as when redemptions of Shares would place an undue burden on ECRED’s liquidity, adversely affect ECRED’s operations, risk having an adverse impact on ECRED that would outweigh the benefit of redemptions of Shares or as a result of legal or regulatory changes. Material modifications, including any amendment to the 2% monthly or 5% quarterly limitations on redemptions and suspensions of the redemption program will be promptly disclosed to Shareholders on ECRED’s website. If the redemption program is suspended, the Investment Manager will be required to evaluate on a monthly basis whether the continued suspension of the redemption program is in ECRED’s best interest and the best interest of ECRED’s investors.

The vast majority of ECRED’s assets are expected to consist of Investments that cannot generally be readily liquidated without impacting ECRED’s ability to realize full value upon their disposition. Therefore, ECRED may not always have a sufficient amount of cash to immediately satisfy Redemption Requests. As a result, your ability to have your Shares redeemed by ECRED may be limited and at times you may not be able to liquidate your investment.

Conflicts of Interest. ECRED Feeder SICAV is subject to certain conflicts of interest arising out of ECRED’s relationship with Blackstone, including the Sponsor and its affiliates. Members of the Board of Directors are also executives of Blackstone and/or one or more of its affiliates. There is no guarantee that the policies and procedures adopted by ECRED Feeder SICAV, the terms of its Articles of Incorporation, the terms and conditions of the Investment Management Agreement, that the policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors, the Sponsor, the AIFM, Blackstone and their affiliates, will enable ECRED Feeder SICAV to identify, adequately address or mitigate these conflicts of interest, or that the Sponsor will identify or resolve all conflicts of interest in a manner that is favorable to ECRED Feeder SICAV.

Exchange Currency Risks. A portion of ECRED Feeder SICAV’s assets may be denominated in a currency that differs from the functional currency of ECRED Feeder SICAV or an investor’s functional currency. Consequently, the return realized on any investment by such investor may be adversely affected by movements in currency exchange rates over the holding period of such investment and the life of ECRED Feeder SICAV generally, costs of conversion and exchange control regulations in such jurisdiction, in addition to the performance of the investment itself. Shareholders holding shares with a functional currency other than Euro acknowledge that they are exposed to fluctuations of the Euro foreign exchange rate and/or hedging costs, which may lead to variations on the amount to be distributed. This risk is not considered in the indicator shown above. Fund charges will be incurred in multiple currencies, meaning that payments may increase or decrease as a result of currency exchange fluctuations.

Highly Competitive Market for Investment Opportunities. The activity of identifying, completing and realizing attractive investments is highly competitive, and involves a high degree of uncertainty. There can be no assurance that ECRED Feeder SICAV will be able to locate, consummate and exit investments that satisfy its objectives or realize upon their values or that ECRED Feeder SICAV will be able to fully invest its Shareholders’ investment. There is no guarantee that investment opportunities will be allocated to ECRED Feeder SICAV and or that the activities of Blackstone’s other funds having similar or overlapping investment objectives will not adversely affect the interests of ECRED Feeder SICAV.

Other Blackstone and Blackstone Credit & Insurance Clients; Allocation of Investment Opportunities. Certain inherent conflicts of interest arise from the fact that the Sponsor, Blackstone Credit & Insurance and Blackstone provide investment management, advisory and sub-advisory services to ECRED Feeder SICAV and Other Clients. Blackstone Credit & Insurance and/or Blackstone may give advice to, and recommend securities for, Other Clients that may differ from advice given to, or securities recommended or bought for, ECRED Feeder SICAV, even though their investment objectives may be the same as or similar to those of ECRED Feeder SICAV. While Blackstone Credit & Insurance will seek to manage potential conflicts of interest in a fair and equitable manner, the portfolio strategies employed by Blackstone Credit & Insurance and Blackstone in managing their respective Other Clients are likely to conflict from time to time with the transactions and strategies employed by the Sponsor in managing ECRED Feeder SICAV and may affect the prices and availability of the securities and instruments in which ECRED Feeder SICAV invests.

Recent Market Events Risk. Local, regional, or global events such as war (e.g., Russia/Ukraine), acts of terrorism, public health issues like pandemics or epidemics (e.g., COVID-19), recession, or other economic, political and global macro factors and events could lead to a substantial economic downturn or recession in the U.S. and global economies and have a significant impact on ECRED and its investments. The recovery from such downturns is uncertain and may last for an extended period of time or result in significant volatility, and many of the risks discussed herein associated with an investment in ECRED may be increased.

Reliance on Key Management Personnel. The success of ECRED will depend, in large part, upon the skill and expertise of certain Blackstone professionals. In the event of the death, disability or departure of any key Blackstone professionals, the business and the performance of ECRED may be therefore adversely affected. Some Blackstone professionals may have other responsibilities, including senior management responsibilities, throughout Blackstone and, therefore, conflicts are expected to arise in the allocation of such personnel’s time (including as a result of such personnel deriving financial benefit from these other activities, including fees and performance-based compensation).

Sustainability Risks. ECRED may be exposed to an environmental, social or governance event or condition that, if it occurs, could have a material adverse effect, actual or potential, on the value of the investments made by ECRED. Sustainability risks are assessed into investment decisions relating to ECRED.

Target Allocations. There can be no assurance that ECRED will achieve its objectives or avoid substantial losses. Allocation strategies and targets depend on a variety of factors, including prevailing market conditions and investment availability. There is no guarantee that such strategies and targets will be achieved and any particular investment may not meet the target criteria.

Use of Leverage. ECRED intends to borrow money. If returns on such investment exceed the costs of borrowing, investor returns will be enhanced. However, if returns do not exceed the costs of borrowing, Fund performance will be depressed. This includes the potential for ECRED to suffer greater losses than it otherwise would have. The effect of leverage is that any losses will be magnified. The use of leverage involves a high degree of financial risk and will increase ECRED’s exposure to adverse economic factors such as rising interest rates, downturns in the economy or deteriorations in the condition of the Investments.

This leverage may also subject ECRED and its Investments to restrictive financial and operating covenants, which may limit flexibility in responding to changing business and economic conditions. For example, leveraged entities may be subject to restrictions on making interest payments and other distributions.

Valuations Matters. The valuation methodologies used to value any investment in which ECRED Feeder SICAV invests will involve subjective judgments and projections and may not be accurate. Valuation methodologies are based on assumptions and opinions about future events, which may or may not turn out to be correct. Valuation methodologies may permit reliance on a prior period valuation of particular Investments. Ultimate realization of the value of an asset depends to a great extent on economic, market and other conditions beyond Blackstone Credit & Insurance’s control. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that the fair value as determined by the AIFM (with the assistance of Blackstone Credit & Insurance) at any given point in time will represent the value that will be realized by ECRED Feeder SICAV on the eventual disposition of the Investment or that would, in fact, be realized upon an immediate disposition of the Investment.